From the Jacobsson's photo album 1996

Margareta on the frozen lake Flaten in Rönninge, our houses is on the hill in the back.

Some deers eating up our garden, photo taken from the kitchen window.

Family get together in summer 96 in Skellefteå, in Stefan's summerhouse, from left upper is Margareta, Stefan, Mikael, Malin that holds Mattias, from left lower is Marcus, Marta, Elin, Ann-Marie ("Kickan"), Ulla, Linda and Monica that holds Miriam.

Mandatory coffee break in the sun after dinner.

The youngest generation, Monica, Mattias, Marta, Elin, Linda, Miriam and Marcus, the children with darkblue names are Stefan's children and the other is Mikael's children.

The popular pool in our second house on Sjöviksvägen 50 in Rönninge, Elin and Monica is using it here. The black thing on the roof in the back is a solarpanel that heated up the pool to a maximum of Celsius 34 or Fahrenheit 93 last summer.

The roses summer 1996 outside our house on Sjöviksvägen 48 in Rönninge.