Monarch Reads Your Reports And Hands You The Data.

Monarch can read reports produced on a PC, or downloaded from a main-frame or mini-computer. Monarch extracts data from the report and serves it up any way you want. You can see it, sift it, select it, summarazie it and send it out to your spread-sheet, word processor, graphics package or database manager. Monarch can read any report stored on disk as a fixed format text file, including ASCII files, TXT files, PRN files and SDF files.

Data is extracted from the report using a template that you define.

The data is assembled into records which are passed to the record selection module for "filtering". Only the records that meet your selection criteria are sent to the analysis and output modules.

Monarch's analysis module counts records and sums numceric fields. It can generate simple tabulations as well as two-dimensional cross-tabulations that reveal patterns and relationships in the data.

The output module sends output to the screen, to your printer, or to disk, where it is translated into your choice of WKS, WK1, DBF, delimitedt ASCII or straight TXT format.

Monarch runs on IBM-compatible PC with at least 512K memory and a hard disk. A mouse is supported but not required. File sharing on networks is also supported. Monarch can read reports generated in nearly all computing enviroments, including IBM, DEC, HP, NCR, Unisys, Wang and many others.

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